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Taxi drivers and private hire drivers take thousands of fares in any one year. It goes without saying that hundreds of those people have some form of disability – many of which are hidden.

Disability isn’t all about wheelchairs – in fact wheelchair users make up just 5% of the disabled population.

This Disability Awareness Training for Taxi and Private Hire Drivers module gives an excellent introduction to you in an area where you may feel uncomfortable and uncertain but overwhelmingly want to get things right. The aim of this training is to help you to be more confident in your day-to-day dealings with disabled people.

And what’s more… We’re seeing more and more Licensing Authorities make Disability Awareness Training a requirement to either get a licence or to renew.

Apart from understanding your moral obligations, there’s also the legal side to think about. You’ll be helped to understand the implications of The Equality Act 2010 for disabled people, their families, service providers and employers.

Here’s what the Equo Disability Awareness Training for Taxi and Private Hire Drivers covers:

  • What is disability?
  • The different types of disability
  • Legislation regarding customers and disability discrimination
  • Legislation regarding employees and disability discrimination
  • Practical advice on how to meet the needs of disabled people whether they are customers or colleagues.

Don’t worry, our Disability Awareness Training module isn’t designed to catch you out and it’s certainly not meant to be anything more than a basic introduction to Disability Awareness.

When you have finished the training you will be more self-assured and, therefore, able to give disabled people the same high-level of service that you undoubtedly give to everyone else. And to confirm your achievement we will send you a high-quality certificate by email and you’ll be able to instantly download a copy too.

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What the Law Commission has to say about Disability Awareness Training for Taxi Drivers…

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In its report and Draft Bill on Taxi and Private Hire (published on 23rd May 2014) the Law Commission said:

“We will continue to recommend that all drivers should undergo disability awareness training.”

Now is the time to get YOUR training sorted!

Licensing Authorities around the UK will insist on taxi drivers and private hire drivers  completing Disability Awareness Training when they apply for their licence and on renewal.


It’s happening already… Crawley Borough Council, which takes in Gatwick Airport, is now rolling out our training to its 900 taxi drivers. And the training is also being used by Local Authorities and businesses around the country.

And it’s not expensive either!

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